The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
— Sylvia Plath

It all started when...

My family and I decided to head up north to take a break from the summer heat. 

I looked out the window at the seemingly endless ocean of pine trees and brush. We have been rumbling along the Trans-Canadian Highway for what seemed like forever. Even my idiot brother got tired of being a nuisance. I was anxious to leave the car, not only to stretch my legs, but because of the destination. We would be arriving at Lake Louise soon, one of the most beautiful scenes in Canada, indeed all of North America.

When we finally arrived the view practically overwhelmed my senses. The big blue sky contrasting the white peaked mountains, all reflected in the serene lake was a sight to behold. It looks like giant painting crafted by the hands of our Creator. The crisp, fresh air filled my lungs, as I tried to keep the chatter of tourists from doing the same to my ears.  

If you’ve never been there, I highly recommend you go; it’s an awesome sight in a beautiful country. One look at the lake and I knew I had to capture it. Problem is - a million other photographers had taken pictures of this exact same site, with better gear to boot. I had to make this photo mine. I framed it, did all the things my training taught me, and snapped a few photos with my beat up SLR film camera and its basic kit lens.

I wasn’t satisfied.

It was time to get out of my comfort zone. Maybe I could do a bug’s eye view. So I got on the ground and laid on my stomach.

It did bother me a little that I was getting some weird looks, but such is the life of an artist. They’ll move on, but I’ll be able to keep this photo forever.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Sometimes, it's not all about the end product. It's also about challenging yourself, pushing your limits, and stepping out of your comfort zone. That I know is when my creativity is at its best.

Susan is a Phoenix based videographer and photographer.
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